Apple iPad bought at Walmart turns out to be nothing but notepads

14/10/2012 14:37

15 year-old Courtney Akers in Texas was excited as she could be. Her Mom had just returned home from Walmart carrying Courtney's birthday present, a brand new third generation Apple iPad. Yeah, Courtney just couldn't wait to feast her eyes on that Retina display that has been the focus of Apple's marketing of the device. So when she opened the box, to her horror, instead of an iPad was a stack of yellow notepads.

When Courtney's Mom raced back to Walmart, the manager refused to do anything for her. After more than two hours of discussion, he would not let her get a refund or an exchange and instead, accused the family of concocting an elaborate hoax. The company, though, later went over the manager's head after being contacted by a local television station. The retailer tracked the box and found that the Akers had been ripped off. The retailer will replace the notepads with a real Apple iPad. But how could this happen? Walmart's theory is that someone bought an Apple iPad, took out the tablet, replaced it with the notepads, and resealed it to look like it had never been opened.





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